Welcome to my Crib// My Boarding School Dorm Room Tour <3

As the year comes to a close, and with packing boxes shipped our way, I figured I’d post a boarding school dorm room tour just before I take it all down (we’re not allowed to keep anything in our rooms for the summer). This is a very brief tour! For some context, I currently live in a triple which has two smaller rooms and one larger common room. I took one of the smaller rooms for the year, and my other two roommates took the other two rooms. I’ll link some random dorm stuff at the end of the post. I did not have everything at the beginning of the year (that would be a little much and require a lot of forethought), but instead added/took out things little by little throughout the year. Enjoy the virtual tour 😉

boarding school dorm room tour 1

The entrance to my room from the common room

boarding school dorm room tour 2

boarding school dorm room tour 3

boarding school dorm room tour 4

Most colorful pics I had on my camera roll from the summer to mid-fall of this year!!

boarding school dorm room tour 5

boarding school dorm room tour 6

Under the bed necessities- Need to maximize the space here!!

boarding school dorm room tour 7

boarding school dorm room tour 8

Mood Board 🙂

Binge-shopped at Ikea at the beginning of this year and got my chair, rugs, and bedsheets from there.

Printed my photos from a printing service online (maybe Shutterfly? I forget)

The tapestry is from Society 6 (you can still buy it here)

Bulletin board from Amazon  –  magazine cut-outs from various fashion mags

Room Spray from Jo Malone, Water Bottle from S’Well (the absolute best), Rock Soap (used for decor purposes rather than as a toiletry) and Fairy Lights from Bloomingdale’s (you can also get really bright ones here)

Husband Pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond

Till next time xx

PS if you have any questions about where I got anything else, feel free to comment down below or shoot me an email!


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