Relaxing with ME! Bath Collection

Rough week? Unwind and relax with some of the most decadent-smelling bath & body products I’ve been indulging in lately. Love their dessert and sweet-smelling fruit references! Who needs to eat rich, sugary desserts when you can slather/ lather yourself with these irresistibly luxurious body products? From the impossibly sweet-smelling lotions and fresh body scrubs to birthday cake scented mini bath bombs, ME! Bath has your back. Check out their website and browse/shop to your heart’s sweet content.  I’ve been consistently using their products for the last few months (except for the bath bombs as there are no bathtubs at school dorms, obviously but unfortunately;))  My favorite has to be the Summer Rain body icing. My skin gets so dry in colder weather and this has been my savior–it smells insane and always adds much needed moisture without having to use too much. It gets absorbed really quickly as well which is a +++ and a must for an impatient person like myself. And for all you vigorous exfoliators out there, the shower sherbets are sure to keep you smooth and baby soft.

Products featured:

~All c/o ME! Bath~

Ice Cream Sandwich Pumice Stone

Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

Birthday Cake Mini Bath Bombs

Hawaiian Lei Sugar Scrub

Papaya Nectar Sugar Scrub

Summer Rain Body Lotion

me! bath 1

me! bath 2

me! bath 3

me! bath 4

me! bath 5

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