Rain shorts…Haven’t u heard?//H&M Crinkled Nylon Shorts

Another H&M praise post because their newest collection has  yielded many items worth the trip. And since I normally prefer not to do head-to-toe fast fashion, you know I’m not playing. Here are the two newest pieces I’ve found…First, this top is rather basic, but it fits well and would look sleek with a pair of mid rise Re/Done jeans. Second are these shorts that bear a striking resemblance to a raincoat. Maybe it’s the nylon material, or the crinkle effect, but I was immediately drawn to them when I saw them at the store. Unusual, and good for you H&M for stepping outside the box and trying to diversify your range of styles and materials…

As it was a chilly day out, I paired these two items with my favorite favorite favorite 5050 boots from Stuart Weitzman that are nothing short of everything. Before I bought the leather 5050s, I had the suede Lowland boots, but what I didn’t like about them was that you couldn’t really wear them without pants as you needed that traction in order for them to stay up, otherwise they would just keep falling down no matter how tight you tied the back bow. The leather ones stay up regardless.

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 1

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 2

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 3

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 4

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 5

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 6

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 7

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 8


Top: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Sunnies: c/o Etnia Barcelona

Bag: Chanel (2nd hand similar here)



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