LookBook:: Paris Adventures?: The Kate Middleton Jacket

Today, I decided to pair this abstract yet arresting print with boucle texture. The peek-a-boo effect is one of my favorites, especially when the color underneath POPS. Some of the photos made me feel and look Parisian, hence the name Paris Adventures(?). I don’t know, do you kind of get the same feeling?




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Food:: Chicago: Summer House

Chicago’s Summer House is one of my all-time favorite restaurants. It is sectioned off into different areas, and the main dining room is virtually a greenhouse where you dine. But it’s phenomenal. And so bright, people wear their sunglasses in there—they call it the Vitamin D Room. The food tastes like California: fresh, healthy, and unique. Not to mention, vibrant. Here are some of the dishes I tried on the lunch menu…

P.S. Not trying to sound like a creeper, but the bathrooms are also very much on point. The doors of the stalls resemble the ones you’d find in a beach house in Los Angeles. It’s pretty amazing.

WHAT: Summer House Santa Monica

WHERE: 1954 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

TRY: Cucumber Cooler or Kale Lemonade, Roasted Baby Beets, Local Burrata, Spicy Calamari, Captain Crunch Rice Krispy Treat, and the “Pasta of the Day” (which has been the same thing for a while now//haha)








The cucumber cooler is personally my favorite. Its ingredients are quite simple: mint, lime, and soda. If you’re looking for a more savory drink, go for that or the kale lemonade. I haven’t tried the other ones, but I do know that they are much sweeter.

The roasted baby beets stands alone for bright foods—well, grapefruit aioli, pomelo, avocado, and gorgonzola just about does the trick. The local burrata is my alternate for the spicy calamari if it’s not available that day (in this case, today). It’s minimalistic: tomato jam, arugula, grilled bread, and mozzarella. Last but not least, there is the Pasta of the Day: Gemelli pasta, sausage, pork, pecorino, and toasted garlic. Just so delicious//I live for it. Hold up…. How could I forget the Captain Crunch Rice Krispy treat?? You absolutely need to try this if you’re going to try anything. It’s almost like not trying the fruit pebbles doughnut in New York.

That concludes today’s post. Hope you all enjoyed it and got a good idea where to dine next, if you happen to be around Chicago or North Bethesda. Thank you so much for reading—until next time.



LookBook:: Spring Has Sprung: Beautiful Blues & Whites

52 degrees. Beginning of April. Spring has finally sprung– It was a beautiful day out here in Chicago, and I was ready for a photo shoot. I grabbed blues and whites—out the door I went. Walking along the beach and enjoying the light breeze (not to mention, the SUN) while wearing something that didn’t involve a parka or snow boots was incredibly refreshing.




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