Boarding School Dorm Room PART 2//The Desk: Your Busiest Corner

The desk. Oh the desk. You have love-hate relationship with it. On the one hand, you spend so much time organizing/beautifying this space. On the other hand, you sit in front of it for hours (alone most of the time), agonizing over words and numbers.  My goal with this post is to give you lots of tips (!) to tip (!!) the balance so that the love component overwhelms the hate part…Never underestimate the power of colors and organization in bringing excitement to your busiest corner in the dorm room.

Side note: If you ever have any questions about desk/school supplies/organization, pls feel free to email me at !! I’d be more than happy to be your consultant and offer my 2 cents  xx

desk organization 1

Work Space

What is a work space without a comfy chair to support your back for all those hours?? I got mine from Ikea here, and needless to say, it has completely changed the way I study. The desk chair that came with the room was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sit on it for more than 1/2 hour without my back starting to hurt. It was also this half rocker chair that would make you fall backwards if you weren’t careful enough…This new swivel chair with an adjustable back allows me to lean back without falling and swivel away as needed. I can sit and study on here for hours. And the best part? Easy assembly and dis-assembly 🙂

desk organization 2

desk organization 3

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Boarding School Dorm Room PART 1//The Bed: Your Dreamiest Corner

With school in full swing, I thought I would start a dorm room installation series to give you some fresh new ideas on how to spruce up your small space that is the dorm room. If you are like me, the dorm room decor is an all year round project. I’m constantly looking to tweak things here and there to jazz it up. It’s an endless love affair…;)

Here is a sneak preview of how the series will be organized:

Part 1: The Bed & Accoutrements

Part 2: Desk Organization/School Essentials

Part 3: Walls & Floor

Part 4: Misc

I will start the series with the bed & all its essential accoutrements to help you make your sleeping space as good as the one you have at home 🙂 A good night’s sleep is undoubtedly one of the most important things to strive for as a student. There’s nothing better than getting dreamy, restful sleep, especially when under enormous amounts of stress… But let’s be real. A bed is never just a bed. It is a couch, a reading corner, t.v. watching station, and of course, the ultimate reflection/showcase of your personality. Keep reading to see what pillows/duvet/mattress topper I use to get A1 sleep every single night and of course, all my favorite things that go on and below my bed to make it my dreamiest corner.

boarding school dorm room

boarding school dorm room 1

boarding school dorm room

Duvet Cover

Restoration Hardware– The Italian framed duvet cover in black is out of stock, but I believe RH still has grey and pink. You can also get it monogrammed which is always an A+ personal touch. While this style in particular reminded me a lot of hotel-style bedding, it was really the crisp, B&W look that caught my eye. This year, I was definitely going more for a minimalist/glossy theme as opposed to last year, which was admittedly all over the place stylistically…

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Pom Pom Frenzy // Here/Now Stella Sneakers && Tibi Pom Pom Sweater

At the moment….Pom Poms are IN. You will likely see these hyper-feminine details everywhere this season. Two of my favorite fall pieces are hands down, these baby blue denim sneakers from Here/Now and this alpaca pom pom cropped sweater from Tibi. The sneakers are irresistibly soft (light as dandelion fluff!) and the most placid shade of light blue ever, lending easy capacity/neutrality to complement a wide palette of fall colors. And the sweater?? Furry, soft, statement-y, and especially suitable for the tactile bunch (you know who you are)…is there anything not to like?? Bring it on, fall. We’re coming for you  ~ Whether it’s a phone case, a pair of sneakers, or a jumper, opt for the spherical wonder of the furry variety!

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 1 here/now stella denim fur pom pom sneaker 1

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 2

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 3 here/now stella denim fur pom pom sneaker 2

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