Self-Portrait…What You’ve Been Looking For

I’ve always had a soft spot for Self-Portrait and its structured yet feminine dresses that hug your body in all the right places AND still keep things classy ;). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dress from SP that I didn’t like…Their taste is top-notch, which is why I’ve been relying on their designs to carry me through some milestone events as of late. They’re perfect for anything from baby showers to weddings to graduations to proms or to any other event you can think of that requires a bit of dressing up. Here are some ways my sister and I wore Self-Portrait dresses this month.

First, graduation! Not mine, but my sister’s, who is coincidentally (maybe not) also sporting the established brand.  Take a look..

  1. Graduation

self-portrait dress 1

self-portrait dress 2

self-portrait dress 3

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Off-White// WOMAN

Yes. I know. Off-White is entering the ken of mainstream fashion.  Does that make it basic? Anything but. Their clothing is undeniably cool, and the poplin blouse featured in this blog post should secure my point. The architecture, embroidery, and bells and whistles render it one-off(white) and especially difficult to imitate. It’s possibly my favorite streetwear brand because Virgil Abloh is the king of pushing the boundaries of elevated basics, and it’s SO COOL. From hoodies, to sweatpants, to denim, Off-White’s unconventional style is revered amongst our generation.  See for yourself.

off white woman blouse 1

off white woman blouse 2

off white woman blouse 3

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Bad Taste// Monogram Studio Tees

There’s something about Chiara Ferragni’s collection that is just so eclectic and cool (she is THE trailblazing fashion blogger after all. Perhaps the most famous as well…), which was why I was immediately drawn to these re-done Levi’s denim shorts that display her iconic eye stitching on the back. These have a fresh and unexpected look — very different from the usual distressed ones that we see on the streets. Second to note about this look is the top by Monogram Studio. Not your typical T-shirt company! I highly recommend their t-shirts because not only are they buttery soft, but the catch phrases also pop. See what I mean here. Their tops remind me somewhat of Wildfox in their wit…

monogram studio 1

monogram studio 2

monogram studio 3

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