Pom Pom Frenzy // Here/Now Stella Sneakers && Tibi Pom Pom Sweater

At the moment….Pom Poms are IN. You will likely see these hyper-feminine details everywhere this season. Two of my favorite fall pieces are hands down, these baby blue denim sneakers from Here/Now and this alpaca pom pom cropped sweater from Tibi. The sneakers are irresistibly soft (light as dandelion fluff!) and the most placid shade of light blue ever, lending easy capacity/neutrality to complement a wide palette of fall colors. And the sweater?? Furry, soft, statement-y, and especially suitable for the tactile bunch (you know who you are)…is there anything not to like?? Bring it on, fall. We’re coming for you  ~ Whether it’s a phone case, a pair of sneakers, or a jumper, opt for the spherical wonder of the furry variety!

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 1 here/now stella denim fur pom pom sneaker 1

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 2

tibi pom pom alpaca cropped sweater 3 here/now stella denim fur pom pom sneaker 2

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If you follow me on other social media platforms, I think you might have heard a bit of chatter about something recently 😉 If that still doesn’t ring a bell, here’s what you’ve missed: I just recently launched my very own online boutique–Couturial!! It was a project in the works for a long time, and with the help of my sister (www.cachetdechloe.com) , we finally launched it on August 11.  You can check out the website here.  I can’t believe that Couturial has finally come to fruition after months and months of researching and planning. Summer merchandise is still available for sale, but the fall collection will be dropping shortly–so please stay tuned…

A recap of the first capsule collection (check out all the pieces here)—

Featured summer look….

  1. Woven Gingham Ruffle Belted Romper

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Hamptons// Pretty in Pink

À propos as I sort of watched the 80’s classic “Pretty in Pink” last night (for the very first time!) as per my aunt’s orders…Why is our parents’ generation so obsessed with that movie? Tbh I fell asleep 15 mins in, but to be fair, I was buried in a foam pit that was too comfortable to stay awake.

Anyway, many comments elicited from family members when I sported this baby doll pink tulle, most commonly —  “You look like a cute 6 year old.” I quickly did the math in my head and realized that I still followed the tacit rule in fashion amongst the older set: You should only aspire to dress at most, 10 years younger than your real age. Otherwise known as the “x-10” rule. Ok, I just made up that algebraic formula while writing but seriously, when you spend a lot of time with women of “a certain age,” they say stuff like that. Maybe, subconsciously, I was adhering to that cardinal rule when I bought this dress from Missguided. 😉  But nevertheless, it was perfect to walk around in Southampton without breaking too much of a sweat…Very light, airy, and comfortable.

pretty in pink 1

pretty in pink 2

pretty in pink 3

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