2ndhand Stories:: Edition 2: Luxury for Less

If I were to list a few of the labels featured here,  you wouldn’t really guess that they were from a secondhand source:  Céline, Rag & Bone, Tibi. Words like “thrifted” or “secondhand” wouldn’t come to mind… With secondhand shopping comes the experience of owning pre-loved items of stylish fashionistas. It’s a rather transformative way of dressing, and wearing clothing with unknown past can add an element of mystique and excitement. Did my dress come from a specialty boutique store in England / France/ Spain/ Singapore from someone whose grandmother passed it on to her daughter to her daughter in the States who gave it to her friend who eventually donated it to this brick-and-mortar/online  store??  Your dress has a story…

~TIP 2: If you’re looking for luxury items, the best place to look is online, not in store. Up to date items will be on sites such as Tradesy or The Real Real from sellers who want to get rid of relatively current items that they are tired of wearing. Chances are, you will find a plethora of very beautiful items marked down by 50-70% from retail prices just because they have been worn once or twice.

luxury for less 1

luxury for less 2

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4th of July Outfit// Lovers and Friends

Happy 4th of July!! Hope you are reading this in the nick of time for some red, white, and blue outfit inspiration. Featured in this look is a funky, off-the-shoulder peasant top from Lovers and Friends called the “Dream Lover” crop top. Patriotic color scheme, right? And a shoutout to American Eagle Outfitters for these super inexpensive white jeans with frayed detailing at the ankles. I’m in love with its soft material and comfortable fit! And who doesn’t need a pair of frayed white cropped jeans for this summer??

Anyway, making this post brief–may your day be filled with festivities and fireworks~~ Lovers and friends welcome, too…

lovers and friends dream lover crop top 1

lovers and friends dream lover crop top 2

lovers and friends dream lover crop top 3

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Pre-Lolla:: FP && Kaleidoscope: Free People Tell Tale Tunic

If you’ve ever seen a meme showcasing reality vs. appearance, this would be it. Here I am, in the heart of the Windy City, experiencing a sandstorm triggered by high speed winds all the while wearing a rather very short, exposed, ivory laced dress – a sticky (no pun intended) situation further exacerbated by sheer loads of pedestrians and drivers moving in my direction both on the street and sidewalk. You might notice that the second photo in this post was taken inside of a car. This is me after taking exactly 6 photos and contemplating whether or not to cut my losses and head home. The rest of the post is me looking like I’m shooting some hair advertisement, finessing the winds without batting an eyelash. Now you know.

On another note, Lolla szn is soon approaching, so buckle down and ignite your imagination for ultra creative outfit combos. While this post was an unintentional pre-cursor for the renowned August festival, I highly advise you to check out h0les  for music festival appropriate eyewear with optical panache. 10/10 recommend minus the occasional headache from looking through the kaleidoscopic lenses for too long….

free people secret origins lace dress 1

free people secret origins dress 2

free people secret origins lace dress 3

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