Workouts with Terez’s ‘Conversation Starter’ Leggings > ft. Cachet de Chloé

I’m sure you’ve seen their leggings all over insta– my insta, others’ instas, Terez’s insta, re-grams etc.  Like other brands, Terez probably owes its traction from social media coverage, Instagram in particular, where its vibrant colors and playful prints resonated with the Millennials hungry for funky athleisure wear.  That was then. Now, they’re blowing up online, selling in every respectable brick and mortar and retail store and collab’ing with the likes of Candy Crush, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and SoulCycle. The eponymous founder, Zara Terez, pushes the envelope of traditional sweat-wicking leggings and transforms the most mundane of objects into copy for bold prints (think cassette tapes and nail polish bottles). You’ll find that Terez’s beach, emoji, oil spill, marble print (you name it) leggings are nothing short of iconic, spilling out color combinations that would not cross your mind otherwise. I brought along my sister of Cachet de Chloé to style the eclectic pieces, so pls read on for more…and cheers to Terez for making workouts that much more pleasurable. You’ll know em when you see em. The leggings, that is.

zara terez leggings 1

zara terez leggings 2

zara terez leggings 3

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Winter Staples:: Tuxedo Stripes && Sock Booties

Meet your new winter staples: the Veronica Beard ‘Carolyn’ tuxedo stripe baby boot jeans and Zara’s burgundy striped sock booties. I really dig the balance afforded by these pieces  –the fitted yet lengthened sock shoe under the capri boot-cut gives off a mysteriously slimming illusion. Add a quality faux fur coat (Topshop 2 years ago) and a sick graphic tee, you’re ready to tackle the season head-on. With sty.

veronica beard carolyn baby boot jeans

My new fur phone case has caused quite a stir on and off campus. It’s like walking around with a cute dog – everyone wants to pet it. A total statement piece and probably (definitely) my favorite phone case. That’s saying a lot considering I am that person on campus that switches her case so that it matches the outfit.

Also, pls mind the pom pom earrings from BaubleBar. Impromptu earmuffs? Whoever said these weren’t legendary…come talk to me.

Veronica Beard Carolyn tuxedo stripe baby boot jeans 1

Veronica Beard Carolyn tuxedo stripe baby boot jeans 2

Veronica Beard Carolyn tuxedo stripe baby boot jeans 3

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Boarding School Dorm Room Part 4//MISC: Everything Else You Need

And voilà…the last chapter of the dorm room series…All the rest you need to know on how to transform the dorm lifestyle. Let’s jump right in.

boarding school dorm room 1

boarding school dorm room 2

boarding school dorm room 3

Dorm Essentials:

Jo Malone Red Roses Scent Diffuser– Candles are not allowed in the dorm room here, so here’s my best alternative – not too shabby either 😉 If you are a huge fan of Jo Malone and their scents, you will fall in love with their diffusers. I had the room spray last year, but the diffuser lasts much longer. Nuff said.

c/o Happy Plugs Mini Speaker with this grill– Music with style (and removable grills). Nothing like listening to music on speakers (vs. headphones) in your own bedroom, albeit a dorm room.  It’s de rigueur... Beats beats (by dr dre) 😉 Just look at the size! Portable and interchangeable…

Geode Bookends (reasonably priced and SICK)- They truly look like they were just pulled out of the Barney’s Home section but with a price tag of $24.99.

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