Jeans…Or Sweatpants?? // Rag & Bone Illusions

Ok, did you read the memo from the Wall Street Journal last month that the skinnies are out? Getting fashion advice from business publications seems off but to be fair, it is not a far-fetched concept to avoid the skinnies in the dead of summer for obvious reasons: denim gets hot and sticky in heat…!! But for all you denim die-hards out there, might I recommend loose and relaxed sweatpants with prints that make you look like you are wearing denim? I LOVE this ‘ripped’ denim look from Rag & Bone. If they had in other colors, I would get all of them. These are literally glorified sweatpants. For a student like myself, expanding the comfy wear wardrobe is always a good idea, especially if it adds flair to your ‘throw-on’ vibe. Otherwise, you can come off looking just sloppy…

Which is another reason I’ve been crazy about these backless tops from Onzie. I can double it as athletic AND street wear. Lycra workout tops, no matter how funky the design, always screams, “Yes, I’m going to the gym today!” If you want to stay covert or at least a tad bit more subtle, try these tops for Onzie. It’s from LA, need I say more? The material is Wildfox-like soft, too. I’m a sucker for softness so I was sold immediately. And of course, backless means one thing: Bra Lab solutions. You might remember me wearing them all throughout last year with my backless tops and dresses. Laces, solids, criss-crosses, so many options for the back. SO fitting for summer when open back clothing reigns. Here I wore the black cups with the white criss-cross back. Endless permutations with bralab 🙂

rag & bone jean sweatpants 1

rag & bone jean sweatpants 2

rag & bone jean sweatpants 3

rag & bone jean sweatpants 4

rag & bone jean sweatpants 5

rag & bone jean sweatpants 6

rag & bone jean sweatpants 7

rag & bone jean sweatpants 8

rag & bone jean sweatpants 9

Top: c/o Onzie

Bralette: c/o The Bra Lab

Pants: Rag & Bone

Sunnies: c/o Etnia Barcelona

Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott

Shoes: Balenciaga

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim



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