Head to Toe Athletic Gear// No Shame Finals Week

~Finals week~  : the two words that make every student in high school/college/grad school shudder. Completely not an understatement to say that the most stressful time of the term is soon approaching! This is the type of casual outfit I would wear during finals because there’s nothing better than staying comfortable in head to toe athletic wear.

On that note…

To: People who seem completely unfazed by this difficult and soul-crushing time

From: Claireleeyours

Message: You must be  1. a certified genius or 2. some sort of extraterrestrial sentient being  or 3. blessed with zen genes

Hunched over in the nether depths of the SAT subject tests & finals valley, I ruminate wistfully and longingly at “summer” (it’s winter again in Boston btw) comfortably perched on the other side of the hill. Eagerly and desperately, I await the miraculous skyrocketing of temps, yielding the much desired hot weather, and by hot, I mean hot. Not mid-60s with Massachusetts gray skies but scorching 90+ degrees with sun rays so blinding that your daily Vitamin D intake becomes readily redundant, superfluous, excessive. My god, is warmth too much to ask for?

Disclaimer: Please don’t be rattled by the presence of snow in these photos. No it didn’t snow in May. I kind of have to let you in on a secret that I really wish I didn’t have to reveal–these photos were taken during spring break in Chicago but SHHHHHHHHH. No one told you so. (boarding school life is my explanation)

head to toe athletic 1

head to toe athletic 2

head to toe athletic 3

head to toe athletic 4

head to toe athletic 5

head to toe athletic 6

head to toe athletic 7


Jacket: Lululemon

Leggings: Lululemon

Sunnies: c/o Westward Leaning

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim (backpack form here)

Shoes: Nike



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