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Another Chicago restaurant suggestion! It’s not a ‘review’ per se since my sister and I tried only 2 things on the menu but it’s worth a mention for its elegant décor and delectable dishes. The Atwood Restaurant in Chicago, located in the Burnham Hotel, is where you go when you are in the mood for a more sophisticated and contemporary dining experience. It is so bright and airy in there with gorgeous white marble tables — blogger’s dream brunch spot! We had breakfast and it was delicious and presented impeccably. Servers were greeting the diners on a first-name basis, so you can deduce from that there are lots of repeat customers. Service was perfection, and it was just a pleasant experience overall. Would 10/10 recommend. Please read below for food details ;)))

WHAT: Atwood Restaurant Chicago

WHERE: 1 W Washington St

TRY: Brioche French Toast

Atwood restaurant 1

atwood restaurant 2

atwood restaurant 3

atwood restaurant 4

The brioche french toast is a must try– It was equal parts crunchy and sweet, but warning: do not eat more than three. They are much more filling than you think!

If you aren’t as hungry and want something lighter, opt for the Greek yogurt with berries.

Also….There’s Magnolia Bakery down the street, so if you still don’t feel like you’re fully satiated (highly unlikely), stop by there for some dessert.

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