Flowers, not Showers//LF Rose Hoodie

Hey, I promised consistency. I’m aiming to post 2x a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays. If I stray one week, pls forgive me! But the end of the school year is near, so it is quite likely that I can adhere to my aforementioned goal. ūüôā And you can expect more content this summer too ~~

Thanks to the unpredictable yet steady showers (hence the rainboots all day, everyday), campus is once again lush green, replete with trees awash in pastel spring blossoms! I thought, why not add to this sudden boost of effusive positive energy by sporting a spring appropriate hoodie that boasts 3 dimensional roses swirling from the back of the hood down to the shoulders. Again, another shoutout to LF as I am obsessed with their clothing/and how they manage to alter vintage hoodies to add modern, au courant flair to basic pieces such as the classic college HOODIE(!!) is just pure artistry, creativity, dedication.

For those of you looking for easy, extra embellishments, a fast tip: whether you DIY a plain denim skirt or your college sweatshirt by adding studs, embroidery, or any other iron-on patches you find at flea markets, crafts stores, online, etc., OR if you buy it already made like this one here, I need to emphasize the importance of personalization. This minor but effective technique will transform your otherwise dull pieces (a boring pair of jeans, a plain white tee, etc.) and elevate them to a whole new league of cool, one-off couture. Not saying to try this on your cocktail dresses, although I guess you could, but you get it when I say that making small changes to your basic clothing can make a big difference. Expect more compliments, too.

LF rose hoodie 1

LF rose hoodie 2

LF rose hoodie 3

LF rose hoodie 4

LF rose hoodie 5

LF rose hoodie 6

LF rose hoodie 7

LF rose hoodie 8


Hoodie: LF (only in stores)

Skirt: Topshop (super similar here)

Boots: Prada

Sunnies: Zero UV (similar here)

till soon xx



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