Fave Finds Edition 1

Starting a new section on my blog called “Fave Finds” where you can easily locate the products that I’m into right now. If you know me, you know I’m a product junkie. But I’m also very finicky and particular about what I like and dislike. I value quality but I am also a sucker for details like packaging, design, and colors. ¬†Fine craftsmanship does not go unnoticed with me ūüôā I’ll try to do this type of post once a month or at least once a season to¬†share with¬†you guys a roundup of my new finds. For this post, I chose a variety of products that I’ve been very much using and enjoying this summer..<3

Here they are!

Also..Huge shoutout to Coco & Duckie, the ultimate hotspot for curated luxury items, from stationery to jewelry to bath & body. A good number¬†of the pieces from this post are from there because of my newfound love for this chic purveyor. It’s the little things that get me…

Fave Finds

Fave finds


Fave finds gocase

c/o gocase

Shop // Watermelon, Popcorn, Macaron, Snapchat Ghosts

I neeeed iPhone cases that are protective and clear. Protective because my last case from Skinnydip¬†(in pink and silver, but sold out) was honestly so beautiful, with floating stars and glitter (endless compliments and a great distraction at long and tedious school assemblies) but no bumpers ūüôĀ ¬†I cracked my phone three times with it on and ended up having to buy a new phone when¬†the¬†phone screen eventually shattered into a million pieces. So, there’s that. Transparency is needed, too– What is the point¬†of getting the new rose gold color if I couldn’t even showcase (no pun intended) it. So, gocase became my new friend once I got a brand spanking new¬†phone. It has cases that are not only clear, but have bumpers AND catchy designs. V v thankful for these phone cases, def going back for more.

fave finds fujifilm instax share sp-1

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1

This is so so handy. It’s true that its predecessor, The Fujifilm Instax 8, has a cool retro and vintage look to it and has therefore been a huge hit amongst the Polaroid-loving set¬†¬†but, let’s face it, it is a bit inconvenient¬†compared to the¬†SP-1. This one can print Polaroids right from your iPhone!! Now what is better than that…? Instead of trying to get¬†the perfect shot at the most opportune moment (not to mention, you have to lug it around with you wherever you go), you can take as many pics as you want and print any photo, whenever, straight from your phone. Function trumps form, hands down.


fave finds scentbird tokyomilk

fave finds scentbird tokyomilk

Tokyomilk/Dark No.62 Tainted Love eau de parfum; c/o Coco and Duckie

Tokyomilk/Dark no.85 Truth parfum de cigarro; c/o Coco and Duckie

Scentbird NY Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb; c/o Scentbird

Tokyomilk perfumes are dark, fierce, and rich in scents. Those seeking¬†purity, depth, and mystery in their olfactory pleasures have met their match! And with witty names like Tainted Love and Truth, you are sure to strike up many conversations. Perfect for¬†fall and winter when all cozied up in big fluffy mohair sweaters. Looking forward to¬†the faint, lingering scents of dark, musky perfumes on my¬†sweaters when¬†wearing them again a¬†few weeks later…

I also just discovered Scentbird, a¬†perfume subscription site where you can ‘date’ scents before ‘marrying’ them.’ I’m all for those services that let you try out products before committing to them.¬†This¬†month, I sampled the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, a fragrance¬†I have always wanted to try. Sure you can get a quick spritz at the perfume counter at Nordstrom’s to see if you still like it at the end of the day. But chances are, you sprayed 10 other perfumes up and down your entire arm so you probably won’t remember what is what. Also, sometimes you may love something right away¬†and buy it on the spot , only to realize¬†that you hate it after about a week. That’s why I was so excited to find this company. Scentbird mails you small portable spray bottle to last you for¬†a 30-day period. I really appreciate that we can¬†test out how the scent works with¬†our¬†bodies’ chemistry and get a good feel for it. So by the end of one month, it won’t be difficult to¬†gauge whether or not it’s time to¬†proceed to the bigger bottle. Or keep on being your non-committal self and switch¬†scents every 30 days! All for $14.95 per month! Better than buying a $100 perfume and getting sick of it after using 1/4 of the bottle…More than 400¬†perfumes to choose from!

fave finds coco and duckie

fave finds coco and duckie

Library of Flowers Honeycomb Field Kit c/o Coco and Duckie

A gorgeous kit with a lip balm, lotion, scrub, shower gel, and soap bar. Look at that packaging, just look at it. Gift it to someone, buy one for youself, because the recipient will sure be happy.


fave finds peach box

Moustache Mania Pendant Necklace; c/o The Peach Box

Roman Empress Charm Necklace in Gold; c/o The Peach Box

The Peach Box gives me so much joy. Won’t go into it too much now as there will be lots more to come (styling them in blog posts, give-aways..shhh!, etc.). Be on the look out for these quality gems.


fave finds diptyque baies candle

Baies Candle by Diptyque

A classic MUST for every household. The scent is sublime¬†– clean, fresh, with a¬†touch of floral. Not too much, not too little — just the perfect amount of olfactory bliss.¬†It will¬†instantly transport you to some place Parisian¬†or¬†Proven√ßal… Carve out¬†a ¬†private space of luxury, sophistication, and peace. Not to mention, the design on the front is its own decor¬†ūüėČ Love that font..

fave finds coco and duckie stationery

Happy Birthday Pencils c/o Coco and Duckie

Rifle Paper Co. Notebook c/o Coco and Duckie

Nothing makes me more inspired to write and plan than appealing stationery! Indulge in a beautiful notebook and colorfully designed writing utensils, and chances are, you will feel tempted to jot down your thoughts and organize your life…It’s officially proven by my work habits.

Hope you get to try some of my new finds!



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