The little things:: Etnia Barcelona Shades && Miscere Shoe Charms

I am beginning to realize that it’s not always the obvious pieces that make a look, but rather the peripheral, subtle ones that pull it together. That will be the underlying basis of this post~

Etnia Barcelona gets me. I was sent a pair from their Wild Love in Africa Collection–the styles are insane! The colors and prints on the sunglasses are inspired by the wildlife in Africa, evoking images of muted nature and wild animals (think zebra, giraffe, lions). I am obsessed with mine and ever since I received them, my other sunglasses have picked up quite a bit of dust…

As for the sneakers-n-skirt look here, the sporty feminine trend is hardly new but what is new are these sneaker adornments. The shoe charms from Miscere instantly add an element of cool chic to the traditional white sneaker (or to any other color sneaker for that matter). I have the Stan Smiths (basic, ik) with green zig zags on the side to somewhat distinguish them from the classic ones. That still didn’t do it. They still felt kind of run-of-the-mill until I added some shoe charms to the laces and replaced the white tongues with denim ones.  There’s an idea if you want to elevate your classic white sneaker!

Etnia Barcelona 1

Etnia Barcelona 2

Etnia Barcelona 3

Etnia Barcelona 4

Etnia Barcelona 5

Etnia Barcelona 6

Etnia Barcelona 7

Etnia Barcelona 8

Etnia Barcelona 9

Top: Lacoste (gold alligator sold out)

Bottom: Clover Canyon (more pieces here)

Sunnies: c/o Etnia Barcelona

Shoes: Adidas; Accessories: c/o Miscere (here and here)

Bag: Céline

Thank you so much for reading!



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