Elevated Nightwear// Fleur Du Mal PJ Bomber

You know the whole “roll out of bed and hobble to classes with disheveled hair and sweatpants” type of scenario? Well, if you want the added benefits of looking like an off-duty model despite your routine of lazy morning tendencies, add Fleur Du Mal as the next brand to your list. You can successfully say you attended classes in your pajamas (albeit, unusually posh ones for the average high school student) but still looked like a B-list celebrity (I’ve been listening to too much of J. Cole recently)!!

Onto raving about the brand…(also not sponsored. just unfiltered passion for this brand)

Understated luxury. Subliminal seduction. The most delicate of laces and silks… FDM’s daintier bralettes and bodysuits are the very definition of lingerie with a twist, as they can either be dressed up for a night out or down for a coffee date, depending on the intended event. Not just sleepwear for the house anymore! Their uncanny, unconventional, and unforeseen versatility make these pieces wise sartorial investments at the very least…Take my word for it.

fleur du mal pj bomber 1

fleur du mal pj bomber 2

fleur du mal pj bomber 3

fleur du mal pj bomber 5

fleur du mal pj bomber 6

fleur du mal pj bomber 7

fleur du mal pj bomber 8


Top: Fleur Du Mal

Shorts: Equipment (similar, on sale here!)

Shoes: Fenty x Puma

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples



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