You Won’t Break a Sweat in this Athleisure

The type of athleisure you wear to get coffee. Run errands. Grab sweetgreen. Pick up Pressed juice freeze. Anything that doesn’t break a sweat.

Is this what activewear has come to nowadays. And if my 14 year old brother can pick up on it, so can anyone else: “4% of women wear yoga pants for yoga, 96% wear it for kicks.” Speaking of comfy leggings to keep you warm this winter, here is a shameless plug for these criss-cross leggings from Couturial. The material is smooth and thick, making it ideal for the months ahead…30% off + free shipping until the rest of 2017, so take advantage while you can!! New posts coming your way soon – catch me indoors this winter scrambling to find a pair of AirPods online before the year’s over. Wish me luck. They would complete the outfit, wouldn’t they? x

athleisure couturial 1

athleisure couturial 2

athleisure couturial 3

athleisure couturial 4

athleisure couturial 5

athleisure couturial 6

athleisure couturial 7


Top & Sweatshirt: LF

Leggings: Couturial

Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela

Phone Case: c/o Casemate



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