Casual Outfit for a Cold Spring Day//Varsity Letter Sweater

Quick post, super casual (just like this outfit). Sometimes, you have days when all can manage is to just slip into a comfy top, pair of leggings and some¬†flip flops/moccasins/etc. This was one of those days. Varsity letter sweater, thin jacket (its appearance is deceiving, it’s incredibly warm), yoga leggings, espadrilles. Happens to even the most fashionably diligent ones! xx

Disclaimer: iPhone pics to echo my current vibe.

varsity letter sweater 1

varsity letter sweater 2

varsity letter sweater 3

varsity letter sweater 4

varsity letter sweater 5

varsity letter sweater 6


Top: H&M

Jacket: Moncler

Pants: Lululemon (mine just sold out, here are the same style, different pattern)

Sunglasses: c/o Etnia Barcelona

Bag: Chloé (big one sold out, small one here)

Shoes: Chanel



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