Hamptons// Pretty in Pink

À propos as I sort of watched the 80’s classic “Pretty in Pink” last night (for the very first time!) as per my aunt’s orders…Why is our parents’ generation so obsessed with that movie? Tbh I fell asleep 15 mins in, but to be fair, I was buried in a foam pit that was too comfortable to stay awake.

Anyway, many comments elicited from family members when I sported this baby doll pink tulle, most commonly —  “You look like a cute 6 year old.” I quickly did the math in my head and realized that I still followed the tacit rule in fashion amongst the older set: You should only aspire to dress at most, 10 years younger than your real age. Otherwise known as the “x-10” rule. Ok, I just made up that algebraic formula while writing but seriously, when you spend a lot of time with women of “a certain age,” they say stuff like that. Maybe, subconsciously, I was adhering to that cardinal rule when I bought this dress from Missguided. 😉  But nevertheless, it was perfect to walk around in Southampton without breaking too much of a sweat…Very light, airy, and comfortable.

pretty in pink 1

pretty in pink 2

pretty in pink 3

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ART:: MCA: Murakami Exhibit

If you don’t live in Chicago and missed one of the 3,568 promotions for this Murakami exhibit at the MCA, let me fill you in. The acclaimed Japanese artist known for his anime-inspired art has finally set foot into our Midwestern territory. And he’s just so skilled… The precision, the kaleidoscopic colors, the youthful irreverence, and of course, his infamous collaboration with Kanye. Graduation, anyone? Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already checked it out. Enough said. xx

murakami mca 1

murakami mca 2

murakami mca 3

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Italy:: The Jetset Diaries Pompeii Ruffle Dress in Tuscany

Bought this dress a while back and never really had an occasion to wear it until Italy. This coyishly feminine, off-the-shoulder floral embroidered dress was perfect against the Tuscan countryside backdrop. Although we did plenty of touristy things in Italy that required lots of walking, we also took some days off to relax. These pictures were taken on one of those ‘off duty’ days when our only excursion would be to the town’s charming café. For the rest of the day, we would just lazy around by the pool and read – although inevitably, I would end up zoning out, staring out into the untouched, natural beauty that is pastoral Italy, full of lush greens, burnt-orange cobblestone buildings, and picturesque hills.


the jetset diaries pompeii ruffle dress 1

the jetset diaries pompeii ruffle dress 2

the jetset diaries pompeii ruffle dress 3

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