You Won’t Break a Sweat in this Athleisure

The type of athleisure you wear to get coffee. Run errands. Grab sweetgreen. Pick up Pressed juice freeze. Anything that doesn’t break a sweat.

Is this what activewear has come to nowadays. And if my 14 year old brother can pick up on it, so can anyone else: “4% of women wear yoga pants for yoga, 96% wear it for kicks.” Speaking of comfy leggings to keep you warm this winter, here is a shameless plug for these criss-cross leggings from Couturial. The material is smooth and thick, making it ideal for the months ahead…30% off + free shipping until the rest of 2017, so take advantage while you can!! New posts coming your way soon – catch me indoors this winter scrambling to find a pair of AirPods online before the year’s over. Wish me luck. They would complete the outfit, wouldn’t they? x

athleisure couturial 1

athleisure couturial 2

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Workouts with Terez’s ‘Conversation Starter’ Leggings > ft. Cachet de Chloé

I’m sure you’ve seen their leggings all over insta– my insta, others’ instas, Terez’s insta, re-grams etc.  Like other brands, Terez probably owes its traction from social media coverage, Instagram in particular, where its vibrant colors and playful prints resonated with the Millennials hungry for funky athleisure wear.  That was then. Now, they’re blowing up online, selling in every respectable brick and mortar and retail store and collab’ing with the likes of Candy Crush, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and SoulCycle. The eponymous founder, Zara Terez, pushes the envelope of traditional sweat-wicking leggings and transforms the most mundane of objects into copy for bold prints (think cassette tapes and nail polish bottles). You’ll find that Terez’s beach, emoji, oil spill, marble print (you name it) leggings are nothing short of iconic, spilling out color combinations that would not cross your mind otherwise. I brought along my sister of Cachet de Chloé to style the eclectic pieces, so pls read on for more…and cheers to Terez for making workouts that much more pleasurable. You’ll know em when you see em. The leggings, that is.

zara terez leggings 1

zara terez leggings 2

zara terez leggings 3

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SoulCycle // Summer Workout Routine

Now that we are smack down in the middle of summer, I thought I would update you guys on my fitness routine. My main form of exercise recently has been in the form of hardcore, indoor cycling, otherwise known as SoulCycle. I’ll go however many times my body can handle each week (if you’ve been, you will agree that soreness is inevitable), but on off-days, I’ll just hop on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes. Nothing too complicated, as it is the season of R&R!! However, this does not mean that I won’t be in workout clothes for a vast majority of the time–I practically live in them on off-duty days.

Down belowwww…Outfit, Workout, Post-Workout Smoothie


I’ll be doing many more fitness outfits in the near future, but just for reference, some of my favorite stores recently have been Bandier and Carbon 38 (best range of athleticwear–and so one-off!). My leggings are from Alo Yoga, which are available from both retailers. They are titled “moto leggings” which is rather fitting as they do resemble black pants with moto detailing. Talk about fashion doubling as sportswear.

As for the green top in this look from Lululemon, it’s out of stock unfortunately, but I’m sure you can find something similar from another brand. I love its simultaneous form and function so much that I bought it in three different colors, which I normally never do as I get really bored of the same style…It offers medium support, so you can really wear it to anything from jogging to yoga. I’ll link it down below anyway!

soulcycle outfit alo yoga moto leggings 1

soulcycle outfit alo yoga moto leggings 2

soulcycle outfit alo yoga moto leggings 3

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