Relaxing with ME! Bath Collection

Rough week? Unwind and relax with some of the most decadent-smelling bath & body products I’ve been indulging in lately. Love their dessert and sweet-smelling fruit references! Who needs to eat rich, sugary desserts when you can slather/ lather yourself with these irresistibly luxurious body products? From the impossibly sweet-smelling lotions and fresh body scrubs to birthday cake scented mini bath bombs, ME! Bath has your back. Check out their website and browse/shop to your heart’s sweet content.  I’ve been consistently using their products for the last few months (except for the bath bombs as there are no bathtubs at school dorms, obviously but unfortunately;))  My favorite has to be the Summer Rain body icing. My skin gets so dry in colder weather and this has been my savior–it smells insane and always adds much needed moisture without having to use too much. It gets absorbed really quickly as well which is a +++ and a must for an impatient person like myself. And for all you vigorous exfoliators out there, the shower sherbets are sure to keep you smooth and baby soft.

Products featured:

~All c/o ME! Bath~

Ice Cream Sandwich Pumice Stone

Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

Birthday Cake Mini Bath Bombs

Hawaiian Lei Sugar Scrub

Papaya Nectar Sugar Scrub

Summer Rain Body Lotion

me! bath 1

me! bath 2

me! bath 3

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Fave Finds Edition 2- Skincare & Daily Beauty Regimen

Sharing a few of the skincare/beauty regimen products I’ve been loving recently… These products have vastly changed the way I take care of my skin and my daily regimen and even motivated me to be more consistent and proactive about cleansing and moisturizing. You might have noticed that I don’t wear much makeup, so most of the beauty products I review is/will be skincare. Even if you don’t wear makeup, cleansing is so important in getting rid of all the daily dirt and pollutants that end up on your face and clog pores. And as we go into the cooler, dryer months ahead, moisturizing will become increasingly crucial for hydration.

skincare 1

skincare 2

Products c/o Foreo – Left to right – IRIS (eye massager), LUNA 2 (silicone facial cleansing brush), ISSA (silicone toothbrush- dying here!!! insane product, read below for more details)

skincare 3

Left to right- too cool for school Egg Mousse Soap facial cleanser, c/o Tula Purifiying Face cleanser, c/o nügg beauty face masks 

Read below for details..

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Favorite Summer Perfumes 2016

With the season coming to a close (how fast did that go..?), I have decided to do a quick roundup of my favorite summer perfumes. Don’t want to make this too long, so I’m just going to jump right in and give you guys a brief synopsis of each one.

Also, a big shoutout to Scentbird NY for convincing me to buy a bigger size of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume after trying it out for a month!

Summer Perfumes 1

Summer Perfumes 2

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy

Buy it here.

Obviously had to start with my favorite! I have been using this perfume since I was maybe 11 but never actually bought the full size until last year. Over the years, I couldn’t pull the trigger because of its expensive price tag but more recently, I had another reason – Juicy Couture was quickly becoming a fading brand, taking its final breaths on the floors of Kohl’s. It was losing its cachet. So I was always buying the cheaper rollerballs and mini sizes which probably ended up costing just as much as a full sized bottle, so, go me. Finally, I bit the bullet and bought the large perfume bottle. Why? It’s been 4 years, and I’m still not tired of it. Its indescribably luxurious and incredibly alluring scent – very feminine with notes of berries, sandalwood, caramel, amber, etc. – makes this a keeper, a classic. Although I have a rather extensive collection of perfumes, I find myself wearing this 75% of the time. And I never get sick of it. It’s most perfect for the summer because it is light and sweet.  Don’t be thrown off because of the brand’s diminishing lustre :\

Summer Perfumes 3

Valentino:  Valentina

Buy it here.

Quick note, they did change the bottle within the last year which is the reason why it looks different on the website–still the same scent though. I originally became hooked onto this fragrance because of the fact that it was my erstwhile name when I first started blogging (if you know what I’m talking about, I commend you for being such a loyal reader). Valentina has floral notes and makes for a gorgeous summer scent. Probably my second most used fragrance. It’s a classic and I adore it (which is why I ended up buying two :\\\). Also, the bottle design alone is a reason to buy!

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