2ndhand Stories:: Edition 3: summer, wya

It’s embarrassing that it took this long to release these photos from Summer ’17, being that it’s almost December…Oh well, better late than never. Welcome to the life of a high school junior. But in case you live on the West coast or some other sunny spot in the world and need some warm weather outfit inspo, here you have it. You can’t see it in pictures but the whimsical red floral motif here is actually textured, giving it the rich, delicate detail that Milly pieces are known for. Bought this at a consignment store for a steal. A bit wall paper-y in pattern, I’m not going to lie, but elegant and comfy nevertheless with its fitted bust and empire waist.  ‘Vintage’ Milly, circa 2000-something here folks, sported by yours truly looking ever so carefree and stress-free, completely oblivious to the frenzied future that awaited her… Ay.

~TIP 3: Unless you are fine with having rips/stains on your clothing, make sure to do a 360 of an item before purchasing, or if online, read the descriptions/survey the photos carefully. It is VERY DIFFICULT to remove imperfections, especially if they’ve been there for a while…The only exception is if the price overcompensates for the flaws. The latter situation has actually afforded me many stellar deals, both online and in store. It’s all about knowing the market and assessing whether or not something is worth taking home.

milly red printed bustier dress 1

milly red printed bustier dress 2

milly red printed bustier dress 3

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2ndhand Stories:: Edition 2: Luxury for Less

If I were to list a few of the labels featured here,  you wouldn’t really guess that they were from a secondhand source:  Céline, Rag & Bone, Tibi. Words like “thrifted” or “secondhand” wouldn’t come to mind… With secondhand shopping comes the experience of owning pre-loved items of stylish fashionistas. It’s a rather transformative way of dressing, and wearing clothing with unknown past can add an element of mystique and excitement. Did my dress come from a specialty boutique store in England / France/ Spain/ Singapore from someone whose grandmother passed it on to her daughter to her daughter in the States who gave it to her friend who eventually donated it to this brick-and-mortar/online  store??  Your dress has a story…

~TIP 2: If you’re looking for luxury items, the best place to look is online, not in store. Up to date items will be on sites such as Tradesy or The Real Real from sellers who want to get rid of relatively current items that they are tired of wearing. Chances are, you will find a plethora of very beautiful items marked down by 50-70% from retail prices just because they have been worn once or twice.

luxury for less 1

luxury for less 2

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2ndhand Stories:: Edition 1: The Beginning

I’ve been wanting to start this series for some time now, to share a fashion hack/lifestyle that I hold very close to my heart…And that is the beautiful and completely inventive world of secondhand/reused clothing (both online and in-store). My “2ndhand Stories” will be all about that. It will showcase some of my favorite secondhand pieces as I post tips on how YOU can slowly transform your lifestyle into one of complete and utter savviness. For those of you wanting to minimize your carbon footprint all the while looking stylish, don’t forget that you will also be saving some money too.

And for the inaugural post for this fresh new series, I tried to incorporate a head-to-toe look (not including borrowed accessories) comprised of items I bought secondhand. You will be surprised at how fresh and of-the-moment the outfit feels despite some miles and years it has racked up. Please see below for outfit details.

~TIP 1: If you are nowhere near the reach of a physical thrift or consignment store, I highly suggest browsing online websites such as The Real Real, Poshmark, Tradesy, and eBay for hidden gems/good deals –these are some of my personal favorites (more details to come in future posts)~

asilio orange channel drapey top 1

asilio orange channel drapey top 2

asilio orange channel drapey top 3

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