Boarding School Dorm Room Part 4//MISC: Everything Else You Need

And voilà…the last chapter of the dorm room series…All the rest you need to know on how to transform the dorm lifestyle. Let’s jump right in.

boarding school dorm room 1

boarding school dorm room 2

boarding school dorm room 3

Dorm Essentials:

Jo Malone Red Roses Scent Diffuser– Candles are not allowed in the dorm room here, so here’s my best alternative – not too shabby either 😉 If you are a huge fan of Jo Malone and their scents, you will fall in love with their diffusers. I had the room spray last year, but the diffuser lasts much longer. Nuff said.

c/o Happy Plugs Mini Speaker with this grill– Music with style (and removable grills). Nothing like listening to music on speakers (vs. headphones) in your own bedroom, albeit a dorm room.  It’s de rigueur... Beats beats (by dr dre) 😉 Just look at the size! Portable and interchangeable…

Geode Bookends (reasonably priced and SICK)- They truly look like they were just pulled out of the Barney’s Home section but with a price tag of $24.99.

boarding school dorm room 4

c/o Imm Living– Embrace your inner Jeff Koons with this balloon dog sculpture. Own a piece of famous art and casually place it on top of your dresser to accentuate the laissez-faire in you. Looks like a collector’s item tbh.

What is a room without live plants? I mentioned it before but I will again – These get delivered right to your mailbox. A great gift idea…brought to you by The Sill…I have a mini one right on my desk and a bigger one on the window sill….

boarding school dorm room 5

boarding school dorm room 6

Yogibos here and here – by far the most comfy beanbags you will ever need for any dorm room. Your hall mates and friends that stop by will appreciate the comfy seating configuration too. With their ubiquity in our school buildings, they are practically sponsored.

Simplehuman, Simplehuman, Simplehuman. These are the ergonomic, minimalist design, tech-y household gadgets that you’ll want to invest in. Consider a sensor can (no touch!) with custom-fit liners and a tri-fold sensor mirror with tru-lux lighting that mimics natural sunlight and has adjustable brightness tailored for your skin tone via the app on your iPhone. If you’re looking for more cost-friendly versions, Simplehuman has similar, less expensive sensor mirrors here.  Talk about simple living. Totally futuristic and cool.

boarding school dorm room 7

boarding school dorm room 8

Food- Love with Food, VeganCuts (for the vegan), and Munchpak are by far my favorite food subscriptions for school. Let’s face it. We get hungry at the most inopportune times. If you don’t have something healthy lying around in your dorm room, you will be tempted to look for that 1/2 eaten Snickers bar at the bottom of your backpack or equally bad, knock on your neighbor’s door for a handful of their Lucky Charms. 11/10 would recommend for the needed pick-me-up every week/month (depending)………

And DANG FOODS FTW. Better coconut chips than potato chips. They are crunchy, tasty, and healthy. Pick some up at Whole Foods.

“Food trolley” from Target to hold all your snacking needs. Has really pulled through for me this year. Thankful for it.

Vitamins from Olly – vitamins for every need/deficiency, vitamins that make vitamins fun. Think gummies for beauty sleep, youthful skin, stress, balanced bellies, etc. They’re kind of blowing up. I’d watch out for them if I were you.




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