Boarding School Dorm Room Part 3//Walls & Floor: The Ultimate Game Change

There is the bed, the desk, but I find that the game change for any small space ultimately lies in what you do with the most expansive parts of the room: the walls and the floor. Say good bye to the bread and butter of any Spartan dorm room: the unforgiving cinder block walls and the ever so unwelcoming linoleum floors or equally uninviting tightly woven brown carpet. Instead, say hello to geometrically patterned wallpaper (both removable and stick-on) that infuses a “my first apartment after college” vibe and a pearly white, fuzzy throw rug practically engineered for those 3 AM physics cram sessions. These are the finishing touches that will go the extra mile and make your room ready for the Zillow market.

Haha, You Thought

dorm room walls and floor 1

The. Ultimate. Transformer. If there was one thing I’d say to get, it would be this adhesive wallpaper by Tempaper. Your room goes from Meh to A111111111111 in a mere 1 hour of setting it up. It’s really simple and straightforward to use, human-friendly if you will (cough cough for the 21st century tech savvy but home-improvement foolish teen)– you just peel, position, and stick. At the end of the year, you can reuse it or toss it and get a different pattern for next year. Easy as pie. In fact, easier.

The Good Kind of Fluff

dorm room walls and floor 2

c/o RugsUSA (5′ x 8′)

Huge shoutout to RugsUSA for this ~beauteous~ rug from NuLoom. The pearly white color lends itself well to the modern aesthetic of the room. Also, it’s way more low-maintenance than I would have expected given its precarious color; cleaning entails vacuuming once every other week. I used to be super picky about walking on it with shoes as I didn’t want dirt permeating all over the new rug, but fast forward two months, I find that it doesn’t actually ever deviate from its original color despite the plethora of shoe imprints from all walks of life (jk).

Meet the Elevated Insta Prints

dorm room walls and floor 3

dorm room walls and floor 4

If parts of your wall are oddly shaped (such as the one above), a quality alternative to adhesive wallpaper are these small Instagram prints from Social Print Studio. I picked some of my favorite shots from my Insta for the first batch and some other b&w aesthetic shots from Pinterest for the other. Thumb tacks to hang them are visually the best…

dorm room walls and floor 5

These three prints above c/o Chelsea Prints are the most fitting images for my room’s vibe. B&W, editorial, and streamlined. Their print collection is highly tempting, and it’ll be difficult for you to leave their site without an order (esp if you are a boarder). Cool quotes, one-off fashion images. Scrap the band posters.

Also…if you are interested in my pillows/stuffed animals bc I’m still 5, I can link similar ones here…The pink teddy bear is inspired by my baby cousin who has two of the smaller versions, and it’s ultra plushy and soft. Tbh a good stress reliever after a gruesome day of classes, exams, and self-righteous people (jk!!!!! don’t take me too seriously haha). The middle owl is a heatable hooty that smells like lavender (you can heat it up in a microwave–it’s 10/10 in the winter) and makes your bed ever so toasty and warm. And of course, the emoji pillow ever so reflective of junior year, available for you at almost any store including Amazon. Last but not least, these were on my last post but Aviva Stanoff pillows… Handmade and designed by the eponymous designer, these luxurious, haute throw pillows are worthy of penthouse sofas but can do wonders for your bed.

dorm room walls and floor 6

dorm room walls and floor 7

dorm room walls and floor 8

dorm room walls and floor 9


Neon lights are from Target. Litty. Impossible to snag as they fly off the shelves every year due to reasonable pricing and good marketing…But keep in mind for next year. You need to get online by July!

Claire BLVD sign. Lol. From a bat mitzvah in 7th grade. Found it in the back of my closet before leaving for school this year and thought, why not?

Till next time xoxo


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