Boarding School Dorm Room PART 2//The Desk: Your Busiest Corner

The desk. Oh the desk. You have love-hate relationship with it. On the one hand, you spend so much time organizing/beautifying this space. On the other hand, you sit in front of it for hours (alone most of the time), agonizing over words and numbers.  My goal with this post is to give you lots of tips (!) to tip (!!) the balance so that the love component overwhelms the hate part…Never underestimate the power of colors and organization in bringing excitement to your busiest corner in the dorm room.

Side note: If you ever have any questions about desk/school supplies/organization, pls feel free to email me at !! I’d be more than happy to be your consultant and offer my 2 cents  xx

desk organization 1

Work Space

What is a work space without a comfy chair to support your back for all those hours?? I got mine from Ikea here, and needless to say, it has completely changed the way I study. The desk chair that came with the room was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sit on it for more than 1/2 hour without my back starting to hurt. It was also this half rocker chair that would make you fall backwards if you weren’t careful enough…This new swivel chair with an adjustable back allows me to lean back without falling and swivel away as needed. I can sit and study on here for hours. And the best part? Easy assembly and dis-assembly 🙂

desk organization 2

desk organization 3

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Desk Essentials

A BIG shout-out to the PHENOMENAL Poppin for all its amazing desk essentials. I can literally spend hours browsing on their website–everything is just so brash and bold. From their baby pinks to lime greens, the vision of a perfectly streamlined, pleasing-to-the-eye desk is not too far off…I chose the pink theme for my desk this year; it’s such a vibe and gets me motivated to work. It’s also eye candy to see bits of pink all over the desk – from stapler to tape dispenser to clip boxes to folder bins. A real playful flourish here with the pink theme….I also have a few notebooks and desk pads c/o Poketo that further add to the pink aesthetic of my desk (here, here, here). The monitor riser for my iMac is also from Poppin and not only does it raise my computer screen to eye level but it also creates a bit of space underneath for storage of my keyboard and mouse! Again, storage storage storage (I implore you to maximize your space!~!~!).

All the goods c/o Poppin – Blush Dream Desk, White Monitor Riser, Pens, Scissors, Binder Clips, Blush Grip Grass, Blush Fin File Sorter

Did you notice the adorable mini plant pot on my desk? It’s from the Sill. I have a bigger one by the window, too. Plants are the closest to pets as you can get in the dorm world for obvious reasons: They are super low maintenance, requiring only a bit of sunlight and bi-weekly watering. That’s it! Perfect for the dormitory-residing student who is seeking to  minimize non-academic responsibilities but still craving a home-y atmosphere. Check out the Sill for a wide array of plant selections in varying sizes and types. Best yet, you are plant shopping online, and they will get delivered (in a beautifully packaged box!) to your school.

Little succulent c/o The Sill – Echeveria and Jules Plant

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m obsessed with smooth and colorful pens, especially the Energel ones by Pentel and these from Poketo. The right pens can elevate note-taking to an art form 😉 I take penmanship very seriously — thanks to the French education system that has instilled in me the importance of writing in perfect cursive starting kindergarten.

Call me crazy, but I have four planners. Excessive? Maybe?? I assure you there are good reasons… One for school life, and I do this with my school’s academic planner and the Passion Planner which has the hourly schedule as well as the monthly at-a-glance with date boxes big enough so that you can write in the major events or projects that are due for that day. I also have another one from Ban.Do (I have these too to jazz up my planner) to organize my non-academic life, and it’s such a pretty pink color with cute graphics inside and a cover that says “I am very busy” — because well,  I always am… I have all my blogging-, business- and “other” projects in the works related stuff in here. Finally, I also have a smaller 2018 planner c/o Rifle Paper Co to plan out my life from a birds-eye perspective.

desk organization 5

desk organization 6

desk organization 7

School Supplies

Poppin has, hands-down, the most AMAAAAAZZING  school supplies (sense my excitement yet?). Built into their products is this sense of sleek, minimalist modernity: the colorful palette and design  grab your attention. But what gets you hooked is the quality between the covers.  Poppin notebooks have these beautiful sheets of lined paper that are both thick and smooth for gel pens to glide effortlessly. Definitely a huge step-up from the basic college-ruled notebooks that you pick up at CVS in terms of design and quality…There is something to be said for investing in stylish school supplies. For me, these small details add a bit of sparkle/buzz/jazz to my otherwise basic day. And as a final touch, I accessorize all my notebooks with the free stickers that come with all the Glossier packages… @cachetdechloe!!

The charming little pins of lemon and sunnies you see on my backpack are c/o Rifle Paper co (here and here) and add a personal, fun dimension. Pencil cases and backpack are from Tumi (both sturdy and sleek AND the backpack can actually fit all my books as well as my big 15″ laptop). This is my third year carrying the backpack, and it still looks vibrant and has held up its shape unbelievably well. Totally indestructible and chic!

desk organization 8

desk organization 9

desk organization 10

The Rest

The gel pens and the beautifully designed notebooks with the floral burst are c/o Franklin Planner. You can never have enough colorful stationery when you are student. I reserve these gorgeous notebooks for writing notes and outlines for midterms and finals when you really need that extra boost of morale. The lips print on my wall and the weekly list on my desk are c/o Thimblepress – a company with a treasure trove of whimsical goodies to gift or hoard 😉 Think cute pink balloons individually wrapped or pop-up confetti sticks and LOTS of gold tinsel… I also did something creative here and lined my desk with wall paper c/o Graham and Brown and  Gaffer Tape from Amazon (think heavy-duty washi tape). I personally find the yellow/beige wood on dorm desks a bit drab. The temporary wall paper is the perfect solution. Now my desk is robin egg blue! Voilà, transformed! Would you have guessed this was a dorm desk? Being surrounded by zesty and vivid colors definitely help me stay focused/motivated and positive. Try it! You can start with one small thing – a notebook, planner, or a desk accessory. Sometimes even the smallest change can give you a perceptible mood boost ~

I could write a book about my favorite desk and school supplies…But here you have it – the “abridged” but not abridged version haha.. Stay tuned for more dorm essential installments coming up…



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