Boarding School Dorm Room PART 1//The Bed: Your Dreamiest Corner

With school in full swing, I thought I would start a dorm room installation series to give you some fresh new ideas on how to spruce up your small space that is the dorm room. If you are like me, the dorm room decor is an all year round project. I’m constantly looking to tweak things here and there to jazz it up. It’s an endless love affair…;)

Here is a sneak preview of how the series will be organized:

Part 1: The Bed & Accoutrements

Part 2: Desk Organization/School Essentials

Part 3: Walls & Floor

Part 4: Misc

I will start the series with the bed & all its essential accoutrements to help you make your sleeping space as good as the one you have at home 🙂 A good night’s sleep is undoubtedly one of the most important things to strive for as a student. There’s nothing better than getting dreamy, restful sleep, especially when under enormous amounts of stress… But let’s be real. A bed is never just a bed. It is a couch, a reading corner, t.v. watching station, and of course, the ultimate reflection/showcase of your personality. Keep reading to see what pillows/duvet/mattress topper I use to get A1 sleep every single night and of course, all my favorite things that go on and below my bed to make it my dreamiest corner.

boarding school dorm room

boarding school dorm room 1

boarding school dorm room

Duvet Cover

Restoration Hardware– The Italian framed duvet cover in black is out of stock, but I believe RH still has grey and pink. You can also get it monogrammed which is always an A+ personal touch. While this style in particular reminded me a lot of hotel-style bedding, it was really the crisp, B&W look that caught my eye. This year, I was definitely going more for a minimalist/glossy theme as opposed to last year, which was admittedly all over the place stylistically…

boarding school dorm room 2

Mattress Topper

Tempurpedic– You can’t see it in the photos because it’s underneath the duvet, but the Tempurpedic mattress topper is simply out of this world. You won’t feel like you’re sleeping on a dorm mattress anymore…I kid you not. Ok, I might be a bit excessive here but below my new Tempurpedic, I also stacked my old mattress toppers from the years before, and the combo is simply amazing. I guess the thicker the better is the solution when it comes to mattress toppers. If you’re looking for a more cost-friendly option, I recommend the Ikea memory foam mattress pad that I used last year which is really good, too.

boarding school dorm room 3

boarding school dorm room 4

Under the Bed Storage

Bed Risers from Amazon– If you don’t have an adjustable bed, then I’d highly recommend bed risers. They’re a bit of an eye sore, but there’s nothing better than a raised bed (not to mention more space for storage, too). I was able to fit my luggages, water cases, and storage boxes underneath which opened up tons more space in other areas of the room.

Simply put, bed-risers are your major space makers.

c/o Franklin Planner– These Valdemar boxes are perfect for storing general necessities- Band-aids, dry foods, tea boxes, really anything that you wouldn’t have room for otherwise. I used to have transparent plastic boxes from the Container Store, but I’ve found that they don’t have that clean, streamlined look I like. You can see all the clutter and that used to drive me crazy. Solid color boxes are the way to go!!

boarding school dorm room 5


c/o The Pillow Bar– Hands down, I’ve never had a pillow I’ve loved this much. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out. With pure down filling, this king-sized, customized pillow (might I add) is to die for. The ultimate bedtime indulgence, the Rolls Royce/Brioni of pillows. It also has a removable lavender sachet that lulls you into a fragrant sleep…I don’t think they left anything out. Oh did I mention that Oprah loves these pillows, too? Always a good indicator.

boarding school dorm room 6

boarding school dorm room 7

Throw Pillows & Blanket

c/o Aviva Stanoff–  Yes,  the bed also multi-tasks as a sofa in the dorm room so I looked to Aviva Stanoff for all the accessories. Aviva Stanoff is an absolutely phenomenal home decor label that hits the nail with textures and colors. Do you see this array of throw pillows?? Every pillow/blanket she makes is tailored to perfection and adds the most beautiful touch to any room. And the silk fleece blanket is so perfect for your cozy binge-watching nights. Leave it to Aviva to create the most spectacular, eye-catching home decor!! Never seen anything like it.

That concludes part 1! Look out for more updates in the weeks ahead. And as always, please stop by my room to check out any of the items mentioned in this post. Or feel free to email me if you have any questions~



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