I’m Claire:)

Some of you may remember me as Valentina, and that’s perfectly fine. I went by either/or until just recently. My reasons for the dual identity were two-fold. First, I was concerned with privacy as my love for fashion started a bit early for me (age 8!) and I first began blogging/YouTubing under a pseudonym to protect my identity. Then as I got older, it became increasingly important to hide as I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my platform with my peers. I just finished my first year in high school, and finally feel comfortable enough to come out of my shell and be myself without having to mask my identity.

My blog encompasses the important things in my life: food and fashion, mostly, but I will occasionally throw in other aspects of what I enjoy in life, i.e., fitness, travel, art, culture, etc.

I am a Chicago native and although I love my city, I am insanely in love with the warm weather, so whenever I get a chance to travel outside of my familiar cold zone to California or Florida or any warm place for that matter, I am overjoyed. Not surprisingly, I am most inspired by the warmth of the sun. Its glow is the ultimate transformer; it has the power to infuse beauty and meaning to things we once thought mundane…

My style… Of course, you will learn more and more about me and my style, but here is a little background info. My style is fun, edgy, and contemporary. I experiment with many kinds of brands from haute couture to higher-end brands to mainstream, staple brands. You will see me wearing a great variety of clothing. Playing around with different shapes and styles and brands is one of my absolute favorite things to do, which will hopefully translate here.

Ok…. That’s a little starter. There will be tons more to come; rest assured. Have fun exploring my blog and thank you so much for reading.


DISCLAIMER: Being honest with my readers is a priority, therefore, if I am sent a product to style/review, it will be marked as “c/o” or I will mark it as sponsored at the end of the post. However, my opinions are 100% honest, and I will certainly not promote a product that I do not believe in.