I’m Claire:)

Some of you may remember me as Valentina, and that’s perfectly fine. I went by either/or until recently. I was concerned with privacy as my love for fashion started a bit early for me (age 8!) and I first began blogging/YouTubing under a pseudonym to protect my identity.

A quick bio  — I am a Chicago native and although I love my city, I am insanely in love with the warm weather, so whenever I get a chance to travel outside of my familiar cold zone to California or Florida or any warm place for that matter, I am overjoyed. Not surprisingly, I am most inspired by the warmth of the sun. Its glow is the ultimate transformer; it has the power to infuse beauty and meaning to the most mundane of things…

My style —  Of course, you will learn more and more about me and my style, but here is a little background info. My style is fun, edgy, and contemporary. I experiment with many kinds of brands from haute couture to higher-end brands to mainstream, staple brands. You will see me wearing a great variety of clothing. Playing around with different shapes and styles and brands is one of my absolute favorite things to do, which will hopefully translate here.

Goals for 2017-2018 school year —  I’ll be starting my third year in high school this year, and while my school life will be chaotic and stressful, I still hope to parcel away some time to share my ideas with you all. My blog will continue to encompass the important things in my life: food and fashion, mostly, but I will occasionally throw in other aspects of what I enjoy in life, i.e., fitness, travel, art, culture, etc. Please also be on the look-out for dorm life segments. I spend a bulk of my life away from home so creating a space that is colorful, comfortable, and chic is really important to me. I will be sharing tips on dorm décor, organization, and essentials…


Ok…. That’s a little starter. There will be tons more to come; rest assured. Have fun exploring my blog and thank you so much for reading.


DISCLAIMER: Being honest with my readers is a priority, therefore, if I am sent a product to style/review, it will be marked as “c/o” or I will mark it as sponsored at the end of the post. However, my opinions are 100% mine, and I will certainly not promote a product that I do not absolutely love.