Welcome to Claireleeyours by Claire Lee (could you have guessed?)…

Little primer on me–

While I’m from Chicago, I spend 9/12 months at boarding school on the East Coast. It’s definitely a bit of a struggle to juggle the three S’s in a student’s life: Sleep, Studies, and Social life. Add extracurriculars? Now, we’re talking major time management and mastery of balance. I’ll try my best to post as consistently as possible on here (luckily the best outlet for stress for me!!) and share some of my ideas with you, stylistic or not. I call it a style blog, but it really is a channel for simply everything that I want to share with you/what goes on in this mind of mine (expect many dorm, food/health, random tips posts)…

I used to think that I could describe my style in a neat phrase with a mere string of adjectives. Yet, as I go through high school and see my own taste evolve, I am beginning to realize that style is a discovery rather than a destination. I take things day by day and never really stick to one specific theme (preppy, edgy, bold, etc) but rather just mix and match  to concoct an outfit that will make me feel good that day or match my mood. You will see that I am always experimenting and looking out for items that catch my eye…Both high and low end. And check out “Secondhand Stories” for a spin!

During the summer of 2017,  my sister Chloe (www.cachetdechloe.com) and I worked around the clock to create our own online store called Couturial . The website launched in early August with a curation of pieces from various domestic vendors.  We are starting with a small collection but will add to it during breaks. Be sure to check it out for both basic and trendy pieces of high quality fabric and detail. We are so hyped to finally share it with you all.

As for now, I’m in my third year of high school, so while this year will undoubtedly be both chaotic and frenetic, I still hope to parcel away some time to write on here. My blog will continue to encompass the important things in my life: food and fashion, mostly, but as I said earlier, I will throw in other aspects of what I enjoy in life, i.e., fitness, travel, etc. Please also be on the look-out for dorm life segments. Because I spend a bulk of my life away from home, creating a space that is colorful, comfortable, and chic is important to me. To that end, I will be sharing tips on dorm décor, organization, and essentials.

Ok…. That’s a little starter. There will be tons more to come; rest assured. Have fun exploring my blog and thank you so much for reading.


DISCLAIMER: Being honest with my readers is a priority, therefore, if I am sent a product to style/review, it will be marked as “c/o” or I will mark it as sponsored at the end of the post. However, my opinions are 100% mine, and I will certainly not promote a product that I do not absolutely love.