The Little Things…Starting Your 2018

Hi friends! Fancy seeing you here. Can you believe it’s 2018 already?? Craziness. There’s a tempest out here in the East Coast, and since we can’t venture out much without slipping and sliding or risking a frostbite, I hunkered down in my dorm room and compiled a collage of all the little things to get excited over these first few frigid months of the new year. Personally, smaller “feel good” luxuries really speak to me. I’m always down for a signature boutique candle or a piece of eclectic jewelry. For some people, it’s a spa day, a dinner at their favorite resto, or a Netflix binge under the covers. So if you’re finding it hard to make it through the first few days back at work/school, treat yourself (or at least feast your eyes!) on these online beauties… xx