Self-Portrait Gang// Poplin Top && Utility Skirt

Greetings my friends. Another tribute to one of my fave labels atm. In this look, I paired a Self-Portrait pinstriped poplin ruffle shirt with its contrasting counterpart: the olive utility skirt (lace AND military – oxymoronic & juxtapositional in theory but surprisingly harmonious in execution). And yes the blue and white striped top with ruffles has a bit of a déjà vu feel but its asymmetry and the fit overcompensate.

Also…Check out these very elusive iridescent Future sneakers by Maison Martin Margiela. They don’t translate best on camera IMO but when hit by rays of sunlight, they go crazy and you’ve literally started a mini disco party. So fun, so futuristic, but so difficult to track down!! These were first released maybe 1-2 years ago, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on them until about a month ago when I found one last pair online in MY SIZE which was a borderline miracle considering it had to be a men’s 39 (which isn’t a popular size for men as it is rather small). Anyway, I’m rambling. Point is, when there are special collections, go for them when they initially come out as it is the surefire and often, the most cost-friendly option! Think Balmain x H&M. Remember the 400%+ eBay markups? Yep. Good times.

self portrait olive utility mini skirt and self portrait pinstriped poplin asymmetrical ruffle shirt 1

self portrait olive utility mini skirt and self portrait pinstriped poplin asymmetrical ruffle shirt 2

self portrait olive utility mini skirt and self portrait pinstriped poplin asymmetrical ruffle shirt 3

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2ndhand Stories:: Edition 1: The Beginning

I’ve been wanting to start this series for some time now, to share a fashion hack/lifestyle that I hold very close to my heart…And that is the beautiful and completely inventive world of secondhand/reused clothing (both online and in-store). My “2ndhand Stories” will be all about that. It will showcase some of my favorite secondhand pieces as I post tips on how YOU can slowly transform your lifestyle into one of complete and utter savviness. For those of you wanting to minimize your carbon footprint all the while looking stylish, don’t forget that you will also be saving some money too.

And for the inaugural post for this fresh new series, I tried to incorporate a head-to-toe look (not including borrowed accessories) comprised of items I bought secondhand. You will be surprised at how fresh and of-the-moment the outfit feels despite some miles and years it has racked up. Please see below for outfit details.

~TIP 1: If you are nowhere near the reach of a physical thrift or consignment store, I highly suggest browsing online websites such as The Real Real, Poshmark, Tradesy, and eBay for hidden gems/good deals –these are some of my personal favorites (more details to come in future posts)~

asilio orange channel drapey top 1

asilio orange channel drapey top 2

asilio orange channel drapey top 3

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ART:: MCA: Murakami Exhibit

If you don’t live in Chicago and missed one of the 3,568 promotions for this Murakami exhibit at the MCA, let me fill you in. The acclaimed Japanese artist known for his anime-inspired art has finally set foot into our Midwestern territory. And he’s just so skilled… The precision, the kaleidoscopic colors, the youthful irreverence, and of course, his infamous collaboration with Kanye. Graduation, anyone? Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already checked it out. Enough said. xx

murakami mca 1

murakami mca 2

murakami mca 3

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