Schoolgirl//Maje Pleated-Effect Lurex Top

Maybe it’s just me, but I get major schoolgirl vibes from this look. Wasn’t the original intention, but minus the heels, I can see it. This Maje pleated-effect lurex top and its shimmer add more character to the outfit, which would have probably been basic/dull otherwise. I really admire the construction of it, too, how it almost looks like a cinched piece of tulle. Also, a good pop of color is sometimes necessary, and red always manages to complement blue no matter the shade.

Heart-shaped sunnies, rockstud heels, and a crocodile crossbody with gold hardware. Lastly, the choker needs to sit in the backseat from now one for one reason and one reason only…They are far more uncomfortable (hence the name) than they appear, so, whether it’s a yay or a nay, heretofore, expect less cameo appearances of this very coveted trend from (clairelee)yours truly.

Maje pleated-effect lurex top 1

Maje pleated-effect lurex top 2

Maje pleated-effect lurex top 3

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Rain shorts…Haven’t u heard?//H&M Crinkled Nylon Shorts

Another H&M praise post because their newest collection has  yielded many items worth the trip. And since I normally prefer not to do head-to-toe fast fashion, you know I’m not playing. Here are the two newest pieces I’ve found…First, this top is rather basic, but it fits well and would look sleek with a pair of mid rise Re/Done jeans. Second are these shorts that bear a striking resemblance to a raincoat. Maybe it’s the nylon material, or the crinkle effect, but I was immediately drawn to them when I saw them at the store. Unusual, and good for you H&M for stepping outside the box and trying to diversify your range of styles and materials…

As it was a chilly day out, I paired these two items with my favorite favorite favorite 5050 boots from Stuart Weitzman that are nothing short of everything. Before I bought the leather 5050s, I had the suede Lowland boots, but what I didn’t like about them was that you couldn’t really wear them without pants as you needed that traction in order for them to stay up, otherwise they would just keep falling down no matter how tight you tied the back bow. The leather ones stay up regardless.

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 1

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 2

H&M crinkled nylon shorts 3

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The Illusion of Pants with Built-in Shoes//Iro Imis Jersey Tee

The outfits that have the illusion of pants doubling as shoes, and vice versa, go into the category “Claire’s A1 A1 Gang Gang Looks”. I love a good trompe l’oeil. With this outfit, no one can really tell what is going on at the bottom half of the outfit. Where do the pants end and the shoes begin? Or are they seamlessly attached? The blurring of lines of once neatly-defined fashion items is a thing now with Vetements leading the pack. It just debuted a pant that *modestly* showcases your bare crack. No joke. Going back to seamless, some of my favorites are: red vinyl on red vinyl, black leather on black leather, denim on denim, or velour on velour. For this look, I did leather on leather with both pieces coincidentally from Zara. The pant is elongated by the boot of the same texture and color and also provides a bit of heel which is always a +++++. Zara always pulls with their pieces that look haute and fresh-off-the-runway but with one downside: they deteriorate easily. 🙁

A brief breakdown of my look- Tasteful x-mas colors featuring the Iro Imis jersey tee that is quite frankly one of my new pieces given its versatility, along with this new jacket I picked up from the LF store a few weeks back but haven’t worn until recently…Note to LF: Please open an online store, it would make everyone happier and drive more sales and traffic to you, so I don’t really see a problem there…If anyone has an answer to that, plmk.

Praise the beginning of spring, which was something like an extension of winter, but nevertheless, alas mid-April and its sporadic 90 degree weather in New England…

iro imis jersey tee 1

iro imis jersey tee 2

iro imis jersey tee 3

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