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Two months of radio silence. The workload has been so brutal these last few months that I had ZERO time to take pics/post/write. I apologize sincerely and hope I haven’t lost too much of my readership…:( Lots of new material coming up, and I promise I will be way more consistent regardless of whether or not it’s high quality pics taken from my DSLR or just mediocre ones from my iPhone.

Both the top and bottom of this outfit have me up in arms. Let me start with the leggings…Also this is going to be a long post so feel free to opt out at your convenience, but I felt that I should make up for the time lost. I have been eyeing the brand Alo Yoga for as long as I could remember. Straying away from my Wunder Under leggings from Lululemon was quite the challenge, but the designs by Alo are so difficult to resist; they look like pants but always have an element of surprise whether that be unconventional “rips”, colorblock patterns (!), or ~edgy~ mesh. They are totally worth checking out, and I am saying this with the utmost fervor and unequivocal passion. Exaggerated? No. Sincere alacrity? Yes.  Not only are they top-notch quality but their stretchiness is also unparalleled. You might find that Alo’s ability to keep their finger on the pulse of evolving fashion shadows over Lulu’s traditional black, undeniably comfortable, but nevertheless mainstream leggings. Give it a try!!

The top is Vetements, one of my all-time favorite brands, in part because it is ever so reflective of our generation’s quest for irreverence, rebellion, subversion, subterfuge… I mean, their main fashion staple is the hoodie for crying out loud. If that top was a loaded political statement piece the last 2 years, it is now also a fashion statement. Heavy, oversized, and ironic, these hoodies are so of-the-moment which leads to my conclusion that the gap between luxury and street wear has officially closed. Other collaborations to support this? How about Supreme x Louis Vuitton (especially unprecedented) or Balmain x H&M (and NikeLab!!)? Street style or more casually phrased “hypebeast” style is becoming increasingly prevalent, and your typical feminine miniskirt and heels outfit is quickly going out of style (although I am guilty of this combo every once in a while). High fashion is now high streetwear. Buckle up kids.

Alo Yoga ripped Warrior leggings 1

Alo Yoga ripped Warrior leggings 2

Alo Yoga ripped Warrior leggings 3

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