Italy:: Respite at the Colosseum

My sister and I had to feign dehydration and light headedness to take these photos as the¬†Colosseum, which was truly an exceptional structure by the way. We were “advised” to take a break in the much coveted shaded area ūüėČ Our tour was led by a friendly local guide with accent so heavy that I could¬†make out maybe 25% of what he was saying – Emperor Nero loved bloody ostrich fights, senators got to sit right up in the front, famous gladiators were akin to Hollywood stars, and the story about early adopters of Christianity ending up as food for the Colosseum lions is an “unsubstantiated detail” …Don’t be too impressed with this recap. It was a 3-hour tour, and he talked MOST of the time!

On this trip, I brought with me several pieces from the brand “by Smith” in NY. They have a wide selection of closet staples with very high-quality fabrics and affordable price points. I was lucky enough to be gifted some pieces from there, and this top is one of them–very airy/breathable with contrasting white piping detail in front and geometric design in the back. Comfort, one-off details, and quality material: a recipe for a perfect top.

by Smith 1

by Smith 2

by Smith 3

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Italy:: Pre-Fendi Banter

This shoot was taken right outside of the beautiful marble, cuboid-shaped building with 6 x 9 cutouts: (none other than) Fendi Headquarters, also known as the “Square Colosseum”. It embodies the craftsmanship and details of Rome’s finest architecture- simply walking up the steps to go¬†into the structure¬†is an incredible experience. Who would expect anything less from the powerful fashion house? The inside does not disappoint, either. Other than the garish displays of fur, feathers, and sequins on the mannequins all toting their iconic “FF” logo, I loved everything there. My favorite was the mirrored room filled with white strobe lights and hundreds (maybe thousands) of their infamous monster fur keychains in all different shapes and sizes¬†dangling from the ceiling …It was an outrageous display of sensory excess and overload¬†– totally¬†ostentatious yet brutally creative and utterly, inarguably original. Needless to say, it was quite a scene.

Fendi Headquarters 1

Fendi Headquarters 2

Fendi Headquarters 3

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Italy:: Night Kat

In case you couldn’t tell from my other social media outlets, I was in Europe the past couple of weeks but never got around to¬†posting¬†any outfits onto my blog (spotty service and awful wifi that required you to be within 5 feet of the router, literally). So here they come…! From the insanely delicious food to the abundance of breathtaking architecture, Italy was a lovely place to be (my first time). Here is an outfit from the first day when I¬†got in around 2 AM Chicago time and stayed awake for 8 hours. Hence the T-shirt… Soooo comfy~~




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