ILUM Clothing x Pear of Heels

I have been working on a collaboration with ILUM Clothing for the past few weeks and am so excited to finally post! ILUM Clothing is an edgy, one-off brand based in NYC created by brothers Nick & Alex Sulis– they make insanely cool, well-fitting hats with breezy graphics. The one featured in this blog post say “I Love Yo_” with a hangman theme, and in the back, it says “I lost…”. The aesthetic resonates with our generation because honestly, do you want to win that game..?

Please enjoy and check out their line here.

~Photography by Ale Macaya~

ILUM Clothing1

ILUM Clothing2

ILUM Clothing3

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Rawr:: Céline Retro Sunglasses && Agnès B Patch on Blouse

Kept it super basic today by sticking with a simple peter pan collared top, my favorite pair of jeans, and over the knee boots (staples!). I am in love with the detail on this top; it’s so me. V French, v classic. Loveeeee. Recently copped this pair of red sunnies and cannot stop wearing them! I feel like red sunglasses are a must this season, they’re very retro. If you ever get a chance to pop into a vintage store in your area, I’m sure they will have tons of one-of-a-kind shades that you can mix with your day to day, contemporary clothing.

The year is slowly coming to an end–the final home stretch is just so hard though! September to mid-April went by in the blink of an eye, but this month is turning out to be very prolonged and difficult to withstand–the weather is cold, wet, and gray and the workload is piling up…On a more positive note, summer awaits! There will definitely be tons of new material I will share with you this upcoming summer.  I’ll have much more time to brainstorm and create new and exciting posts for my blog:)




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No Ragrets:: Rag & Bone Graphic T && Ryan Porter Customized Bracelets

Obsessed with the top featured in this post. “Je ne regrette rien” translates to “I don’t regret anything”; my penchant for graphic tees is real and often literal. I will generally spend a good amount of time every week (and by good, I mean unreasonable) simply scouting for them online (not in person because there are no good shops within a 10 mile radius of school, I swear).

I recently have been sporting personalized bracelets by Ryan Porter, and they’re just so so cool. I have two on, one with a gold-linked chain and one with a blue-colored cord. The gold one says @clur and the other says “bless up”. These both have some sort of special significance to me. That is the beauty of personalization–it’s all about you. Clur was a name that people had started calling me in middle school, and now in high school. There’s some sort of history and humor that goes along with it. The other one, of course, is an ode to DJ Khaled, and although I am not a huge fan of him, his catch phrases are bomb. The slip ons on his website are my next purchase, for sure. The beads are kind of reminiscent of the ones I used to don as a kid, which somewhat evoke nostalgia as well…Get one (or two, or however many you want!) for yourself. You’ll never want to take them off. I haven’t!




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