Red(dy) Set (Go) by Opening Ceremony

This top and bottom set has me going crazy. Opening Ceremony knows how to nail a two piece. I love the cutouts on both the skirt and the crop top; what makes me really happy is the fact that I can finally wear an outfit like this and not complain about being cold. It was actually quite the opposite//I remember it being in the high 70s low 80s that day. Finally some spring weather.




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Weekend in Chicago

Last weekend, I was in Chicago for a bit as I had a 3-day weekend. It was nice to be home again and be with family & friends :)) Real food, too. I went to Six Flags on one of the days just for the fun of it (haven’t been there in so long!) but the lines were so long, and I ended up going on 2 rides after staying there for 3-4 hrs. At least I got some pictures! Haha all jokes aside, I look kind of agitated in this shoot, most likely because the weather was insanely warm that day and there were swarms of people there. And long lines. Too many irritating components all at once! At least I was dressed properly//




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Pleats Design & Carven Structured Top ++GIVEAWAY!!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last posted. Excuse? One word. School. 😉 BUT, we had a much-needed long weekend and that’s when I took advantage. First things first – I’m giving away the clutch featured here by Pleats Design. Please go to my Instagram, @claireleeyours, and enter the giveaway by liking, commenting, and following! Rules & all other info here.  – The winners will be chosen on 4/24 at 5 PM EST. This is so exciting as it is my first giveaway ever, and I can’t wait to gift the clutch to one of you!

On to the outfit… I am absolutely obsessed with the brand Carven; it has become one of my favorite brands. All of their pieces have such beautiful structure to them and are so beautifully made. They’re modern yet still very glamorous. The fit is incredible, and I just recently picked up this navy top with understated stripes. Also…The sunglasses & shoes will be recurring pieces for the next 3 posts or so which just prove how versatile they are 😉 I swear, although Stan Smiths are “basic” and “overrated”, I think they’re popular because you can wear them with practically anything, from a feather cocktail dress to a crepe blouse and boyfriend jeans. To deviate a bit from this very widespread trend, I decided to get a pair with zig zags on the side. I know it’s only a subtle difference but hey, I tried!

As for the sunglasses…Westward Leaning is a sick brand that has a wide range of sunnies with the utmost chic celeb street style. You will see A-listers such as Alessandra Ambrosio to Gigi Hadid to Olivia Palermo donning these luxurious, tasteful accessories with their well-curated outfits. The quality is exceptional, and just recently, Olivia Palermo did a collaboration with the brand and created rose gold versions of several of the styles (to die for).

That was a mouthful:3




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