Wildfox, Xmas, Sis

Some of my favorite tangible/intangible things in life: Wildfox, Christmas, and my sister, Chloe, of Cachet de Chloe. In this post, we partnered to bring a Christmas-inspired look with the help of our well-loved and stalwart brand, Wildfox Couture! From their jumpers to eye patches, who wouldn’t love their day-dreamer, vintage-inspired goodness? They had a Christmas collection last year, and of course, how could Chloe and I not snag the jumpers?




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Balmain x H&M Knockout

First off, Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

It’s not an overstatement to say that the Balmain x H&M collection was one of most anticipated fashion events of the year. Owning any bold piece from the coveted collaboration seemed nearly impossible. Prices were/are jacked up on eBay, and all of the best pieces from the store were gone within minutes. H&M’s website crashed as well. To put it simply, it was absolute mayhem. I’ve never seen/heard anything like it. Alexander Wang x H&M was not nearly as fierce. Sure, they were gone relatively quickly, but people were quite chilled out about it–no one camped outside the store for as long as one week!  The launch of Balmain x H&M on November 5, 2015 will be remembered for many years to come, I’m sure.

My story: Well, I recruited my very kind mother to the task on that very day. 🙂 There was no way possible I could have gone to an H&M store at the crack of dawn, testing my luck at being the lucky first 420 customers, especially since I had school the next day. Apparently, there were several groups, each one given different colored wristbands (I saw some selling the wristbands on eBay–what has our world become?!) for designated times they could shop the exclusive collection. My mother was placed in one of the last groups, and apparently by the time she got in, all the popular items had flown off the racks, and people were just scrambling over scraps, some not even checking the price or size tags (mother admitted to both trespasses!), tugging and fighting over pieces. Luckily, she did manage to get a few pieces that were still gorgeous nevertheless, and this patterned velvet top was one of them! The detail and craftsmanship of this piece are mind-boggling. Dramatic components from shoulder pads to gold zippers on cuffs and back and bold prints. Olivier Rousteing did not let this one loose. I have never seen an H&M clothing crafted so beautifully. Each piece is just knock-out. Take a look…




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Whole lot of shimmer

We are so close to the holidays! Thanksgiving is approaching, and I am so pumped. I flew back into Chicago Friday night and it’s strange to be home. Lots more to come in terms of looks and posts. Have been insanely busy these last few weeks with finals and all, but now I can relax and focus more on blogging and other facets of life. Hope you guys enjoy this one…




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