The view from the outside

This shoot took place in West Loop, Chicago. I like to call it the Soho of Chicago–after all, it is where the Soho House is located…how à propos. The location is quite scenic, especially because you can see downtown Chicago from an unusual angle. From the train tracks! Every 10 minutes or so, a train would be heading our way, and I would be running for refuge in my wedges, fighting to keep my dress from flying in all directions, all the while having flashes of an inopportune fall on the train track. Sorry to be so macabre. The things I do for good photos…;-) If only I made a behind-the-scenes video…You would understand all the drama and panic that went into this shoot.




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Food:: Chicago:: Fig & Olive

Adjacent to sister stores Sandro and Maje, this restaurant is sure to get traction. Fig & Olive offers Mediterranean cuisine mainly inspired by the South of France. The restaurant is, by far, visually perfect. The décor theme –a wood motif, simple neutral colors, and wine bottles — pairs well with the food served. When you are seated, you are served an olive oil and bread platter, featuring edible rosemary bread squares as well as three different olive oils, all carrying their distinct flavors, which I wholeheartedly appreciated. Overall, the food was presented ever so beautifully, but for the most part, the aesthetics triumphed over taste. It’s akin to meeting absolutely stunning people who are dim-witted or unkind. There is a certain dissonance between the exterior and interior, which is always disappointing. With that said, there were still two that I thoroughly enjoyed… It’s perhaps a matter of ordering the right things on the menu –as this was our first time here, we didn’t really know what to order. If you come here, you MUST try what I put in the “TRY” section 😉 They are there for a reason~

WHAT: Fig & Olive

WHERE: 104 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611

TRY: Truffle Risotto, Lavender Crème Brûlée




Truffle Risotto- Now this, my friend, is a work of art. The creaminess melts in your mouth for the ultimate effect. This is far-by the most delicious risotto I have ever eaten 🙂

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And Gatsby Was Waiting

These gold doors are everything. It was almost as if Jay Gatsby was waiting for me inside–strange, I know. Today’s look played along the lines of a playful, feminine character. The bold pink turtleneck (it’s getting chilly here in Chicago!) was accompanied by a pastel blue jacquard midi skirt, bejeweled belt, and nude heels. I love the way the colors mesh together. It’s all very lady-like, but teeming with confidence and power.




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