All textures and shapes allowed

Mesh. Polka dots. Hearts. Nylon. Suede. Leather. Weave. It would be an understatement to say that I had many textures and prints on today. What can I say? I am slightly obsessed.

Onto the shoes…. I saw them at Barney’s the other day, and in my head, I was thinking, “WHAT??!? The architecture is OUT OF THE BALL PARK!!”They were screaming my name. A little too loud. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out everywhere. For reference, I have linked them down below to Shopbop in case you wanted to know the name and hunt them down. Like a madman. Just kidding. Off we go!




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boats and blue

The combination red and blue is one of my all-time favorites. Today, I played around with that color combo and began by whipping out my favorite LBD (yes, a little blue dress. sorry not sorry/). The dress itself can sometimes feel quite plain on its own, so I always like to jazz it up whether that means accessorizing or simply adding a belt. As I was flipping through my belts to see what would mesh well with this dress, I found myself a little stuck. So….I went through my scarves, found this one, and tied it around my waist. #accomplished




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OOTD 7.18.15:: a day at the MCA #thatrhymed

On my way to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), I passed by this market that carried the most beautiful pink peonies–I promised myself that on the way out, I would pick them up. However, as I was leaving the museum, instead of seeing the peonies that were supposed to be there but got taken away, I stumbled upon an wall of abstract images. And a light bulb turned on. Here is what I made of it…




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