OOTD 6.30.15:: idk why i’m always blue

Another BLUE look! Yet again. It seems that I may have a subconscious fondness for wearing the color. Oh, well. For this look, I am loving the meshing of the vibrant blue top & shorts against the lush greens in the background. The colors all respond to each other in a manner that is quite pleasant, to say the least.




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OOTD 6.28.15:: Mesh, Patterns, & Metallic

Hello all, I am having a blast here in HK! From exploring unique markets to dining at some of the finest dim sum restaurants in the world, I have been enjoying every second of the trip. And being the photographer that I am, I have taken a ton of non-fashion photos from the days I’ve spent here so far and would be more than glad to post a travel diary at the end of my Hong Kong adventures. But for now, let’s delve in to mesh, patterns, and metallic//




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OOTD 6.26.15:: Mountainous

It was a fascinating day here in Hong Kong. For this photo shoot, I was on Gough Street, and it was a lovely road with many familiar shops such as Caudalie, Lover & Friends, Cheap Monday, and many other funky/quirky places. Shooting this look was exciting, as lots of cars would turn onto Gough and I would be screaming like, “Go to the sidewalk! Quick!! Hurry!!!” Nonetheless, it was surely an adventure.




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